Akashic MysteriesBase ClassesIron Titan
MedicMonster Class - Astral DevaMonster Class - Bugbear
Monster Class - CentaurMonster Class - Deathless GhostMonster Class - Earth Elemental
Monster Class - Emancipated DryadMonster Class - ErieneyesMonster Class - Ghoul
Monster Class - GnollMonster Class - HarpyMonster Class - Hill Giant
Monster Class - Hound ArchonMonster Class - ImpMonster Class - Lizardfolk
Monster Class - MedusaMonster Class - MinotaurMonster Class - Ogre
Monster Class - PseudodragonMonster Class - SatyrMonster Class - Succubus
Monster Class - TreantMonster Class - TroglodyteMonster Class - Troll
Monster Class - True DragonMonster Class - Winter WolfMonster Classes
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Psionic RacesPsionicsRaces
File:Astral Daeva Table.pngFile:Bluedragon.pngFile:Brass Dragon.png
File:BronzeDragon.pngFile:Bugbear Table.pngFile:Centaur.png
File:CopperDragon.pngFile:Deava Table.pngFile:Dryad.png
File:Dryad SLA.pngFile:Earthelemental.pngFile:Eriynes.png
File:Harpy.pngFile:Hill Giant.pngFile:Hound Archon.png
File:Hound Archon SLA.pngFile:Imp.pngFile:Imp SLA.png
File:RedDragon.pngFile:SLA Eriyneyes.pngFile:Satyr.png
File:Satyr SLA.pngFile:SilverDragon.pngFile:SizeTable.png
File:Succubus.pngFile:Succubus SLA.pngFile:Treant.png

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